ADCC Estonian Open 2022 Recap

ADCC Estonian Open 2022 Recap & Results

Official results page:
Biggest ADCC Estonian Open to Date!
It was bigger than ever done in Estonia! We are glad to announce, we had 120 registered fighters from 7 different countries (Estonia, Finland, Latvia, United States, Ukraine, Russia, Armenia) from 18 different academies.

We awarded best submission which was made by Rostislav Aminov from academy Orion´s belt in -98,9kg in pro category:
„A buggy choke“, which is done in high level grappling competitions very often but always shows that in grappling nothing is over before it is over.

Picture is illustrative from finals -98,9 kg pro, where winner of that category Janis Kogutics from Jiu-Jitsu Team Jelgava /A Force BJJ shows some very good defense skills against „a buggy choke“ attack:
Best Fight Award
We also had an award for the best fight, which was between Tom Mäenurm from Estum Jiu-Jitsu and Alexander Cassen from Orions Belt in -76,9 kg pro category:

We would describe it like a very tense and even battle where the foot attacks were exchanged with lightning speed. At some point, it was obvious that Tom Mäenurm lowered the tempo and became more defensively oriented. A few seconds before the end of normal fight time, almost everyone was sure to see the same exciting game on overtime, but one who didn't think so, was Tom Mäenurm, who just before the end moved from his back defense to a foot attack and forced Cassen to surrender two seconds before the end of the match!

Both fighters was awarded with honor and prizes from Arigato (, Raustom Fitness (, Tallinn Crossfit ( and (

Team ADCC Estonia would like to thank all participants (spectators and fighters) and supporters:

Main gallery of the event you will find here:



Raustom Fitness - ADCC Estonian Open trophies. & Tallinn Crossfit - Gift cards to the best submission and best fight award winners.
Arigato Sports Club - Gift Cards to the best submission and best fight award winners.
Budopunkt - Combat sports apparel to the best submission and best fight award winners.

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